Mark K

Copenhagen, Denmark

About Me

- Since I started working, it has always been within B2C and B2B sale.

- I have been working for Joe & The Juice as sales and staff management.

- I invested in a company called Frankly Juice, working day and night for making it work with my former partners Christian Seiersen & Christian Bowall and the PDM Nikolaj Seiersen - We became the first and biggest coldpressed juice company for the B2B market in Denmark and it still is.

- I was headhunted to Danaweb which is the single biggest company within its market in Denmark, selling websites and online marketing.

- Now I spend my time helping one of Denmarks biggest online health platforms for clinics who seeks the online patient, called I later on invested more of my time and money in it, at the same time they ran there series A round, helping them both within sales & strategically as a member of the board.

- Besides that, I have started a small venture capital company called SiniusInvest(.dk), were I am searching for entrepreneurs in the very early stages within these 4 phases:
Phase 1) Early stage startup (Idea and concept development)
Phase 2) Establishing startups towards prototype product/services
Phase 3) Establishing startups, with prototype products/services and
Phase 4) Startups is ready for market entry

My Areas of Expertise

- Corporate strategy - Objective - Business plan - Online Marketing - Innovation - Negotiation - B2C & B2B sales - Customer segmentation - Customer Orientation - Team motivation


Your Investment Range
€1 To €25,000


Pre-Startup/R&D, MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Breaking Even, Profitable, Other


Food & Beverage, IT, Hardware & Software, Products & Inventions, Real Estate, Tourism & Hotels


Denmark Only, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland


Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

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